Sunday, November 8, 2009

Shame Of Catholic Bishops

Late last night Queen Nancy and what's left of her Court passed the Obamacare bill with 220 Democrat votes -- just two votes to spare beyond the 218 needed.
Not long before the final vote, the Catholic Bishops of the United States weighed in.
At the 11th hour, the Bishops said they could support the bill with an amendment that blocks public funds for abortions.
The AMA caved on this bill. Predictably, the AARP caved. And then, in the end, America's pious Catholic Bishops made a deal: We'll overlook everything else that's in the bill if you include this amendment.
Yes, it was right to oppose public funding of abortions. But that's a baseline issue. That where the negotiations should start, not end.
The Bishops sold out.
The Bishops forgot about you and I. They forgot about our taxes. They forgot about the fines that will be imposed for those who don't go along with the government program. They forgot about the trillion dollar price tag. They forgot about America's mounting debt. They forgot about the coming cuts in Medicare and what those cuts will inflict on America's seniors. They forgot about the long waits we will have to endure. They forgot about the specter of end-of-life death panels. They forgot about all that.
They traded it all for an assurance that no government money will be used to fund abortions.
Will that prohibition hold firm in the end?
Will the Democrats deliver on the assurance?
Don't bet on it.
The US Catholic Bishops have once again shown themselves to be toothless.
My suspicion: The Bishops were more worried about $$$$ flowing into Catholic affiliated hospitals and medical facilities. They got the appearance of an agreement and then ducked out the back door.
It's sad that one should have to suspect this. Sad, but not entirely unrealistic.
There's a word for what happened last night: Shameful!

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