Monday, November 9, 2009

Thoughts, Prayers For Sen. Allen

From the Office of New Jersey State Senator Diane Allen:
Senator Diane Allen thanks the many supporters and other friends who have called inquiring about her health. She is humbled and deeply moved by their concern.
“My illness has shown me again just how much the good people of my district and the state of New Jersey care about others,” Senator Allen said. “It’s impossible to express how grateful I am for their outpourings of caring, support and love.”
The senator wishes to acknowledge that she has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and is exploring treatment options with some of finest doctors in the world. She expects to undergo surgery as early as this week. She asks that the privacy of her family be respected during this difficult time.
The senator is resolved to face the challenge of cancer with the same determination that she has shown as the representative of the people of District 7. She asks for prayers for her healthy return to the Senate as she, her family and medical professionals come up with the strategies that will beat her disease.
“My plan is to return to the floor of the Senate at the first opportunity,” Senator Allen said. “No illness will prevent me or my experienced and dedicated staff from providing the people of my district with full representation. My district office is open and ready to help any constituent who contacts us.”
Senator Allen has met hundreds of cancer survivors over the years. She looks forward to joining the proud ranks of these courageous women and men. She’s dedicated her life to public service in various forms and looks forward to continuing to serve.

Statement from Senate GOP leader Kean:
Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean issued the following statement regarding Senator Diane Allen’s illness:
“My thoughts and prayers are with Senator Allen and her family during this challenging time. I wish her a speedy and full recovery and I look forward to welcoming her back to the caucus.”

Thousands of people from throughout the state are offering their encouragement and prayers to and for one of New Jersey's great public servants and one of this region's best-known and most popular personalities -- a woman who excelled as a media star, TV pioneer and anchorwoman and is now one of the most respected members of our New Jersey State Senate.
We are praying for Diane Allen and her family.

You are invited to visit Senator Allen's web page or her Facebook or Twitter page to express your encouragement:

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