Monday, November 2, 2009

Community Board Picks Christie

Yesterday, the Courier Post newspaper asked the members of its volunteer Community Editorial Board to make their picks for Governor of New Jersey.
The 21-member board is composed of men and women of different ages and races from throughout South Jersey, representing Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties. It's a pretty good cross section.
Here how the vote came out:
Christie: 10
Corzine: 5
Daggett: 2
None of the above or undecided: 4
So, of those who actually have a preference, Chrsitie garners 58% of the vote. And, among all the members, Christie garners nearly 48% while Corzine is barely able to scrape together 24%.
We're not calling this a scientific poll.
Still, judging from this vote, Christie would seem to be in good shape.

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