Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Meet Waffle House People

From Flash News:
To get a true snapshot of America, just head over to the Waffle House.
Wafflepeople.com compiles photos of the colorful characters that indulge in hearty meals at the diner chain, and creator Orin Shepherd says the establishment is a slice of Americana.
He says, “It seems to have a weird, Norman Rockwell quality. Just everyday people who want eggs and coffee at three in the morning.”
Among the folks captured are drunkards, overweight, gender- ambiguous people browsing the menu, and workers who call the place their second home.
Though most diners are regular folks, the freaks come out at night at the Waffle House. Shepherd recalls one time when he saw a black girl and white girl get into a fist fight after making fun of each other’s hair.
The eatery also tends to attract crazy homeless people, druggies, and partiers who stop in for a hangover cure after a night on the town.

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