Saturday, November 28, 2009

Merry Collingswood Christmas Parade

If Haddonfield NJ has the best Fourth of July parade then it must be said that nearby Collingswood has one of the biggest and best Christmas parades.
We joined thousands of others along the parade route today and were delighted by the music, the characters, the colors and the spirit of this festive holiday celebration.
The crowd was three and four deep along Haddon Avenue in Collingswood and the small town pride was absolutely contagious. The bright sunlight and relatively warm temperatures (with just enough nip in the air to feel right) made the event all the more enjoyable.
The anticipation was high as the parade stepped off with numerous marching bands, 10 string bands, classic cars, floats, boys scouts, aspiring ballerinas, bag pipes, an old-fashioned calliope, jugglers and even an organ grinder. The event did not disappoint - plenty for everyone.
In fact, the whole thing lasted nearly two hours.
Yes, the crowd included lots of kids, dogs, aunts, uncles and grandparents (not to mention weary parents). And yes, a great time was had by all on a picture perfect day.
So, here's one parade lover who's happy to share a few photos with you.

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