Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Heard It Here First

Right here, on this blog at the beginning of October I told you that Corzine was NOT closing the gap between himself and Christie and that Christie continued to hold the edge among the electorate.
And right here, back in September I told you that Obama & Co. would begin muscling in and playing a bigger role in the Corzine campaign and that Obama himself had a personal interest in the campaign and a personal stake.
And now (after the election is over) the Bergen Record is reporting that Democrats were disenchanted with Corzine last summer and that they not only wished they could change candidates but even conducted a poll to see if some Democrat other than Christies could win.
But, guess what? I told you that right here back in June in an exclusive first-time report where I said: A well-connected Democrat told me that the state Democrat hierarchy really didn't want the Governor to run again. "They feel he's a liability," this person said. "But he controls the purse strings, so what can you do?"
And also in June, right here I warned that it was actually Corzine, not Christie, who did not embrace the values and the aspirations of the typical New Jerseyan. And I warned that the values disconnect would resonate in November.
I also told you that Chris Christie would avoid ideology and wage a tough, common sense campaign that would stress practical solutions and straightforward approaches to the state's problems. Now, the mainstream media are praising Chris for taking that approach.
But that's not what big media said all along. No, they engaged in hindsight.
But I'm talking insight here. For insight, you had to come here.
So, don't leave now. Keep coming back -- for more more news, more analysis, more exlusives. And bring your friends along as well!


michael loehrer said...

congratulations on all the diligent work you did in helping bring honesty in government back to New Jersey.
I'm very happy for you.

Josh said...

Hats off to Christie. He ran an excellent campaign that, as you said, focused on New Jersey issues and New Jersey needs and not the national party's agenda. Same with McDonnell in VA.

Contrast this with what happened in NY-23, where prominent national Republicans propped up a right-wing interloper who espoused the national party's agenda but was out of touch with the district's issues and interests, all in the name of taking out someone they felt wasn't conservative enough. And they lost a seat they had held since the Civil War.

All of next year's candidates for the House, Senate and the 37 state governorships up for grabs would be well-advised to run the types of campaigns that Christie and McDonnell did - focus on the issues in their state or districts and don't get sucked into railing about culture wars and the national platform. Keep it local.

Editor said...

Looks like you were right-- let's see if a Republican can win a senate seat