Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dale Glading Challenges Andrews

Yesterday, Barrington minister Dale Glading announced he will once again challenge Rob Andrews to represent South Jersey in Congressional District 1 in the US House of Representatives. The Camden County Republican Committee (CCGOP) enthusiastically supports Mr. Glading’s bid.
Said CCGOP Chairman Rick DeMichele, “While Rob Andrews talks the talk, Dale Glading walks the walk. Dale has first-hand experience as a civic leader whose mission is one of service and empowering individuals and communities. This is a stark contrast to career politician Rob Andrews, whose equally passionate mission is to see that Rob Andrews advances his political career.”
“Dale brings experience, passion and a keen knowledge of issues affecting families throughout the District,” added CCGOP Vice Chair Shelley Lovett. “He has a track record of service that is second-to-none and his selflessness will be a welcome change in Washington where I know he will be an independent and effective voice for all of our residents.”
In his announcement, Glading noted that “South Jersey communities in Camden, Gloucester and Burlington counties continue to hemorrhage good jobs and pay higher taxes as a direct result of Andrews’ “big government” philosophy.”
“Voters in Virginia, Massachusetts, and New Jersey sent a clear message to Congress: stop mortgaging our children’s futures!” Glading observed. “Now voters in New Jersey’s 1st District are ready to rein in government spending and toss out the career politicians. I’m prepared to give the voters a clear choice for a new direction this November.”
Below is Dale Glading’s announcement video. For more information, visit

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Kern said...

Mr. Glading will have more than one competitor for the chance to take a swing at Andrews.