Sunday, February 21, 2010

Philly: Put Young Thugs Behind Bars!

'Rude and disorderly behavior."

That's how James Golden, chief safety officer for the Philadelphia School District, described the conduct of some teens who have been congregating at the Gallery's food court over the past months.

Mr. Golden needs to go back to school and crack open the dictionary to where it says "criminal."

The hooligans who trashed Macy's earlier this week in what has been called a Facebook-orchestrated flash mob are simply the latest outburst of the mini-felons who have infested this city. They've apparently just changed their shopping habits, moving westward.

It's beyond frightening - and frustrating - to think that this is what is being spawned in our urban incubators these days, clueless, rudderless and amoral boys and girls who don't give a damn about private property and the safety of others. Their anti-social, criminal behavior shouldn't be cleaned up with euphemisms.

To read the rest of Christin Flowers' column in the Philadelphia Daily News click here.


LandDweller said...

the criminal justice system is not working when people behave this way. too many defense lawyers in the city who don't ask the ultimate question.

Dan Cirucci said...