Friday, February 19, 2010

Yo, Governor: What About Bloggers?

When New Jersey Governor Chris Christie opened the floor to the news media yesterday at his well-received small business roundtable in nearby Lumberton, I patiently waited my turn and then raised my hand to ask a question.
"Hey, wait a minute," Governor Christie said "You're not a member of the news media."
Of course, I didn't need to remind the Governor that I am a blogger.
He's aware of us and he's aware of our blog. But, just for the record, I identified myself and this blog and our ever-gracious Governor not only accepted my question but gave me a thorough and cogent answer that is already making news.
Yes technically, the Governor was correct. I'm not a member of the news media.
But I am part of the NEW media.
And let's give the Governor and his communications staff credit: They've been very good about keeping those of us in the new media (aka social media) informed. As far as I know, we receive the same media alerts as the rest of the media and we are treated courteously and respectfully.
But this whole thing got me to thinking.
So here's my suggestion to the Governor's Communications Director and Team Christie: Why not have a Governor's forum just for bloggers?
There are quite a few Jersey bloggers who oversee blogs that focus mostly, if not exclusively on politics. And we attract a ton of visitors every day, week, and month.
Furthermore, Chris Christie made very effective use of social media and blogs during the campaign. He's well aware of their value.
So -- here's hoping the Governor can find some time just for us in the near future.
Chris Christie is such an open, forthright and gregarious guy that he's bound to enjoy a go round with bloggers. And I know we'll ask good questions. The give-and-take will be beneficial and fun.
We citizen journalists have a knack for identifying the issues that real people are concerned about.
I think it would be a great session.
Wh'dya say, Governor?
PS - Are you listening, Mike Drewniak?

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