Wednesday, February 17, 2010

World's Cutest Dog!

It's Westminster Kennel Club week and you know what that means: The world's cutest dog is back.
The world's cutest dog is Moose. He's a Lancashire Heeler and his master is Adam Cirucci.
Moose lives in the charming borough of West Chester, PA where he is well known to many residents
Moose has grown a bit since you've last seen him.
But he'll never get much bigger than he is right now.
This heeler is a small herder dog. It's called a heeler because it heels to its master, walking just behind the master and looking for the master to take the lead.
These dogs are very bright and inquisitive.
The Lancashire Heeler declined in numbers when herders were no longer needed and almost became extinct. Today's Lancashire Heelers are a re-creation of the originals. This dog looks like a combination of the Welsh Corgi and the Manchester Terrier. These recreations are nearly identical to the Lancashires of long ago.
As with most Lancashire Heelers, Moose has a lot of energy and likes to be taken out on long walks.
He keeps his master very busy.

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