Friday, February 26, 2010

Gotta Have A Wawa

Last night I saw a commercial that took my breath away. It begins with a couple on a deserted beach. They lay back in lounge chairs, warm and content, golden and glowing. They have the world in their hands, you just know it. Not to mention good weather and all the implicit joys that come with it which we in Philly have been missing for a while. The camera pulls back and we see a boat parked on the shore. Oh, so they’ve sailed to this personal paradise? As if anticipating your next question, “I wonder where they are?” A banner pops up and a deep voice extols the virtues (as if it was really necessary) of Florida’s Paradise Coast. And without fail I think to myself, like a child who asks the same question over and over again: “why?” In this case “why” as in “Why don’t I live there?”

And my answer magically appears in the form of the next commercial. The one for built to order breakfast hoagies priced at $2, $3, and $4. And I think “oh yeah, that’s right.” You see there aren’t any Wawas in Florida. So I won’t be moving any time soon. If you live in Florida you may think this is strange. If you live in NY, PA, DE, MD, or VA, you probably understand. In my case the tagline rings true: gotta have a Wawa!

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