Saturday, February 13, 2010

Does Greenwald Miss Corzine?

From the CCGOP Chairman's Blog:

NEWS FLASH TO LOU GREENWALD: Jon Corzine is no longer the Governor of New Jersey. The public put Chris Christie in office because they could no longer afford to pay for Jon Corzine’s liberal ideology and wild spending. It seems Lou Greenwald is still wondering what happened to his big spending buddy.

Glory Days of Past: Corzine and Greenwald

On Thursday, Governor Christie delivered his emergency plan, complete with details, to reign in runaway state spending for this fiscal year. Our Governor wasted no time in reforming the remainder of the Corzine budget he inherited. Smart thinking. Christie will have a very difficult time preparing next years budget and the rest of this years spend, spend, spend budget is not going to help.

Sure as the sun rises in the east Assembly Democrats gave vocal opposition to cutting state spending. Lou Greenwald just cannot help him self. His reaction to reduced spending? You guessed it. Hearings! Yawn! Lou announced Friday, that the Assembly Budget Committee, which he chairs, will meet at 10 a.m. Wednesday in the Statehouse Annex in Trenton to hear testimony on Christie’s plan to close the deficit. Still not excited?

Lou will inevitably will waste countless hours questioning numerous witnesses and at the end of his hearings will still not get it. It is as if he believes the more hearings he holds the easier the financial mess becomes.

Earth to Lou; It’s Simple, Listen to the People: Cut Spending! When the Budget Committee meets the first question to every witness should be, “How can we cut the amount New Jersey spends?” It would be wonderful if after the hearings are over Greenwald could propose additional spending cuts. Do not worry New Jersey taxpayers have little faith in Greenwald. Unfortunately, New Jersey is ready and expecting Lou to continue to whine about not being able to spend and waste seemingly unlimited taxpayer dollars.

We understand it is not much fun being the chair of the Assembly Budget Committee if you cannot spend like a gin soaked sailor on shore leave. While Lou Greenwald is out of touch with voters, if Wayne Bryant was still the Senate Budget Committee chair he would share Lou’s attitude and unbridled lust for spending.

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