Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Rush Said About Us

Here's the actual transcript of Rush Limbaugh's reference to the Dan Cirucci blog yesterday:

And then, of course, we go to Chris Christie. This is from a blog yesterday, Dan Cirucci blogspot:
"New Jersey Governor Chris Christie today signed a sweeping executive order directing a comprehensive review of all state authorities, boards and commissions and taking immediate action to reform abusive fiscal practices at those authorities, boards and commissions by strictly limiting the hiring of lobbyists, eliminating 'golden parachutes' to departing executives and employees and capping travel expenses at $250. Executive Order 15 also institutes a wide review of all state authorities and requires recommendations by May 15 to the Governor’s Office on whether each such authority, board or commission should continue or cease to exist. In the case of those that continue, the review would further determine whether positions at such entities should be compensated in any way or operate on a strictly volunteer basis."

So this guy is rolling up both sleeves, he's putting on the overalls, and he is getting into the muck that is the State of New Jersey's fiscal situation, and he's going to fix it and this guy McDonnell in Virginia is doing the same thing

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