Monday, October 12, 2009

Christie's Property Tax Tour

In the final 22 days of the campaign, Chris Christie and Sheriff Kim Guadagno will travel across New Jersey discussing the struggles New Jerseyans face because of Jon Corzine's high taxes and failed economic policies. Chris and Kim will hold Jon Corzine accountable by highlighting the property tax increases our communities are facing because of Corzine's tax hikes and irresponsible spending.
In 2005, Jon Corzine promised 40% property tax relief in 4 years and despite his bold campaign pledge, New Jersey continues to have the highest property taxes in the nation, with the average property tax bill going up by $1,000 over the past four years. New Jersey ranks as the state with the highest tax burden in the country and yet Jon Corzine and his campaign still believe New Jerseyans are NOT overtaxed.
The numbers are clear - New Jerseyans' property taxes are not only unbearable but they have gotten progressively worse under Jon Corzine.
"It's simple. If Jon Corzine had kept his promise to the people of New Jersey and lowered property taxes by cutting wasteful spending and controlling the bloated state government, the people of our state would have more money in their pockets to help deal with these difficult economic times," said Christie-Guadagno Campaign Manager Bill Stepien. "As Chris travels across the state, we will highlight Jon Corzine's increases on property taxes because Wall Street Millions cannot hide his broken promises and failed policies."

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