Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Obama Prize Called 'Farce'

Liz Cheney nails it. The outspoken conservative said on FOX news Sunday that Obama traveling to Norway to accept the Peace Prize just adds to the farce.
True. After last week's stunner 58% of Americans say that politics plays a roll in awarding the Nobel Peace Prize. This is up 18 percentage points from last year. Only 21% say politics does not play a role.
Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit


Radu Gherman said...

Is the Nobel "Peace" Prize influenced by politics? That's a loaded question.
Of course it is. Every winner of the prize since its inception has played a political game. That's how we come to "peace". Was this a repudiation of Bush? Absolutely. Was it deserved, especially when you realize that Obama was nominated weeks into his presidency? NO.
Do I care? Yes. Why?
Because a lot of great people were passed over for this prize. Awarding it to people struggling in dark places all over the world would have moved world attention, however briefly, on one of those places.
The best thing Obama can do right now is to tell the world that he is undeserving, and he should painstakingly go down the list of those nominees that were passed over.
Turn it down, Mr. President. Show some class.

Dan Cirucci said...

Radu: I enjoy ytour comments because I never really know how you're going to react or where you're going to come down on a particular issue. That's good because I think it shows that you try to view each issue fairly and independently.
I've been thinking that Obama should turn it down as well in part because his receiving the award is a slap in the face to ther nominees.
But I think we both know that, for whatever reason, this is not going to happen.