Monday, October 19, 2009

How Corzine Hides Contributions

Today, Christie-Guadagno Campaign Chairman Senator Joe Kyrillos released the following statement on Governor Jon Corzine's refusal to disclose his foundation's political contributions:
"For the past ten years, Jon Corzine has used his personal wealth to influence elections and voters across our state and, now, it appears he is using contributions from his charitable foundation to continue this excessive influence.
"Governor Corzine must adhere to the standards of good governance and transparency he has frequently spoken of, but seldom employed as evidenced by his flat-out refusal to make his foundation's contributions public.
"Instead of using loopholes to avoid transparency, he must fully disclose the scope of his foundation's gifts and influence."


Josh said...

Using a supposed charity to finance a personal political campaign is definitely wrong. But if Corzine wants to spend his own personal money on these campaigns, there is nothing illegal about that.

mj loehrer said...

The question to be answered: Why would a person spend 17 million out of his own pocket to get a job that pays $200,000? This surely leads to all kinds of speculation, doesn't it. Having never been to New Jersey you folks make it sound worse than the old Soviet Union and Illinois combined.