Saturday, October 31, 2009

Corzine Wants Toll Hikes

It turns out Jon Corzine's admission Friday that he would revisit his failed toll hike plan is not the first time in the last year he has bullheadedly suggested a return to this failed plan.
During an interview with the Star Ledger in December 2008, Governor Corzine "left open the possibility" that he would reconsider toll hikes despite the public outcry.
Even though New Jerseyans loudly rejected Corzine's original 800 percent toll hikes, the Governor is desperate for ways to cover his $8 billion deficit and looking to pass the burden for his irresponsibility onto taxpayers.
Jon Corzine has made it clear that he will raise taxes and tolls on New Jerseyans and we simply cannot afford it. It is time to send Jon Corzine and his out-of-touch, out-of control taxes packing.

"The prospect of higher tolls also stoked growing fears about the economy, he said, calling it "not the most user-friendly time" to introduce a dramatic long-term plan. 'I will say that I -- like many -- did not see the depth of the current economic slowdown,' he said. He said paying down state debt -- now about $32 billion - 'still has to be done,' and left open the possibility he would attack it again.

"'Some format. Some governor -- maybe this one -- will still have to take that issue of debt on, and it's clear that that should be done during periods when we have economic strength, not economic weakness,' he said." (John Appezzato, "Corzine sees economy as major hurdle in his 2009 re-election bid," Star Ledger, 12/21/08)

To view the full Star Ledger article, please click here.

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