Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guadagno Blasts Corzine Hypocrisy

Today, Sheriff Kim Guadagno released the following statement regarding the Corzine campaign's baseless and hypocritical attacks on Chris Christie's health insurance plan:
"Jon Corzine and Loretta Weinberg should be ashamed of themselves.
"For months, their campaign has wrongly accused Chris Christie of using mandate-free policies to deny women vital health care services, blatantly lying about his plan.
"Now we learn that they are attacking the very concept Loretta Weinberg clearly supports considering she went as far as to sponsor legislation to offer mandate-free policies.
"Governor Corzine and Senator Weinberg should apologize immediately for their misleading, and false attacks. Attacking the very policies that Ms. Weinberg supports is the very definition of hypocrisy."

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