Thursday, October 8, 2009

Site Celebrates 'Manboobs'

From Flash News:
Manboobs are a common, but nonetheless magnificent phenomenon. While most people scoff at men with breasts, the site celebrates them.
Creator Matthew Inman encounters manboobs everyday in places like restaurants and says, “Anyone who’s over 40 has some form of manboob.”

In his study of men’s chesticles, Inman has discovered that there are two types of manboobs – the muscular type and the fat type.
Muscular manboobs are formed by intense pectoral workouts and can be seen on the likes of young Arnold Schwarzenegger, whereas the fat type, “Look like the man once had nice breasts but then got pregnant and now they’re saggy.”
Inman made sure to leave out some of the photos of fatty manboobs he’s found online because “they’re just horrific.”
He names former Monkees frontman Davy Jones as the ultimate purveyor of manboobs because his are an, “Odd hybrid between muscular and fatty,” which he finds “impressive.”

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