Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daggett's Tax Raising Scheme

Don't be fooled by Chris Daggett's "independent" disguise this Halloween.
Vaguely serious and semingly humorless, Chris Daggett offers no treats -- and lots more tricks -- for New Jersey residents.
And Daggett's dramatic "new idea" is nothing but more of the same: more fees, more taxes, more money out of your pocket.
In fact, Daggett wants to expand the state's already monstrous sales tax to a whole bunch of new items.

Here's a list of some of the new things Daggett wants to tax as enumerated by the Save Jersey blog:
  • Seasonal Rentals: Daggett plans to tax seasonal rentals. That new tax would hurt the tenants and the landlords at both ends of the transaction, as well as all of the other tourism-related industries in Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean and Monmouth counties. The Shore tourism industry is already hurting. A new 7% sales tax wouldn't help!
  • Lawyers: Need a lawyer to draft a will, get a traffic ticket thrown out of court or help you set up an "L.L.C." for your small business? These services will get much more expensive under Daggett's plan.
  • Accountants: Everybody hates paying taxes, and the complexity of the federal tax code makes accountants a near necessity for most taxpayers. Get ready to pay the State of New Jersey more every time you visit the tax accountant if Chris Daggett gets his way.
  • Maids: This is a classic "let's soak the rich" maneuver. Of course, increased taxes for domestic services will lead to lower pay and less work for domestic employees. Tip your maid, Save Jerseyans. Chris Daggett is coming for their paycheck!
  • Laundries: Taxes attached to dirty laundry? What are Trenton politicians supposed to do?
  • Hair Stylists: Everyone gets their hair cut. Some people cut hair. There's no way this tax won't hurt New Jerseyans in the pocket.
Just like Corzine, Daggett seems to have never met a tax he doesn't love.
No wonder Daggett demurs when it comes to criticizing Corzine.
The secret is out: "It's love!"


Anonymous said...

With all do respect Mr. Cirucci, you may want to check your facts before posting again. Are you really taking the right-wing maniac Matt Rooney's determination of what will and will not be taxed? How about checking directly with the Daggett team, or reading his plan on the website? To name a few examples... a business hiring a lawyer to get an LLC will NOT be taxed bc that would be a business-to-business transaction, which are exempt. Haircuts and babysitters? The plan hasn't been finalized yet so don't jump to those conclusions. But p.s. even if they did decide that, the total cost of having tax on haircuts will raise your total costs by what, $50 a year? How about the 25% reduction you'd enjoy from your property taxes? How do you not see that pales in comparison? And shore rentals? Actually HELPS small businesses in NJ. Reason? B/c hotels and motels are already required to tax the people they rent their rooms to. So, they often lose business to shore rentals, merely b/c don't have to be taxed. How is that fair? THAT more than anything hurts the economy b/c it makes small businesses lose business due to an unfair policy. This would make the system more fair and more competitive. Oh, and facts are that 80% of the people who use the shore rentals are OUT OF STATE residents. So please - before you post articles like this, check your facts, or at least consider them all before you publicize a criticism on a plan. Facts still remain that Daggett's plan would make our tax system more fair, more competitive, and would give way more relief than grief to the overwhelmingly majority of NJ residents.

Justin said...

I have to agree with anonymous... you really don't know what the numbers are when you look at it, and you don't look at it as an independent view point, i.e. from the people who normally use those services and add together that a $15 dollar hair cut will now cost a whopping $16, omg that hurts us sooo bad!!!! lol. For accountants, the people who use them for i guess tax season(the everyday person), will get their taxes for about $100-125? so that's an extra $8... meanwhile you are saving up to $2500 in property taxes and more in income taxes...
Now when was the last time you used a lawyer for a traffic ticket? maybe for a DUI or DWI... and honestly, whose fault is that? it isn't my fault i was driving drunk...

for an LLC, i can see, but please tell me how much it is to incorporate an LLC? on google it's advetised for 159... but lets just say it will cost 1,000... so an extra $70-80 tops...

As Daggett told Christie, I will tell you, Dan Cirucci, "you might want to get a calculator cause your numbers don't add up"

your still saving about $1000 a year, atleast.

Dan Cirucci said...

I've gotta funny feeling I've been in New jersey (and been voting) a helluva lot longer than you have.
The fact that you have to take so many words to EXPLAIN what the hell Daggett is talking about (and what he really does or doesn't mean) proves my point: He's a bureaucrat who delights in concocting schemes that still end up at Square One -- and that means HIGHER TAXES.
I've heard and seen it all before.
Don't concoct explanations and/or excuses for Daggett. Recognize that it's the same old shell game.
Taxes are taxes.
Daggett is a ruse.
A vote for him is a vote to forfeit democracy. A vote for Dagget permits the election of Corzine without a majority.
Get real!

Dan Cirucci said...

Somebody has finally got to say "NO!" to new and/or higher taxes and fees in New Jersey.
It's got to stop -- and I don't care if it's a dollar a haircut or not. That's one dollar too much. OK?
This has gone on for far too long and people like you, Justin and you, Anonymous have been falling for it.
I don't need a calculator.
I know what my tax bills are like.
I know we're the highest taxed state. I know how much I've paid and how much I still pay and how much is wasted.
I know we're the nation's most corrupt state.
I know it's outrageous.
And I know that Corzine won't and Daggett can't.
But ONE man -- ONE man -- put 10% of the State Senate in jail. ONE man won every conviction he sought.
He KNOWS how to get it done.
His name is Chris Christie.

Justin said...

Alright, then how many time have you heard, "read my lips no new taxes?"
i don't need to know how many times the same rhetoric has been said. All the time you hear the same old song and dance Christie has been giving, that is why you never heard specifics because he actually never thought about a plan before saying and yapping his mouth off. the reason why i used NUMBERS is because you obviously don't understand how to be analytical and logical, rather go with your emotions and intuition... which is fine and dandy... cause that's what the flock does.

"A vote for him is a vote to forfeit democracy."
would you like me to get a dictionary for you? the principle of democracy is our voice for our leader, who we feel can best serve us well. Or am I in a fantasy land? cause either way, a vote for daggett will send shock waves to the stupid and idiotic 2 party system we have, Lewis Black said it best, "Republicans scream, I have a bad idea. And Democrats go, I have an even worse idea" These two parties control everything, and dictate the mess we are in today. you really feel like these powers can actually get us out? I sure as hell don't. Am i emotional about this yes, but have I made an educated decision about this race yes. We are getting a tax decrease overall in Daggett's plan. He has specifics and the study he used for it works. There are other states who tax more, and other states who tax less. Our state needs revenue and at the same time, needs better budgeting practices. Daggett's plan actually holds the municipalities accountable for their constituents having a property tax rebate... instead of Christie who will give the municipality a grant if they consolidate, but said nothing about lowering their budget. so we are rewarding moving buildings around?

You've been around long enough and voting way more then i have, i'll admit that. But what i think you loose sight on, is the principals we fought for back in 1776... We wanted our independence, we wanted the people to be heard. There are soooo many people that are sick and tired of this two party system, only making their promises and breaking them. Then a true candidate comes along, who has never taken a bribe, never broken the law, and never took more funds and over paid on the taxpayers money. That to me is an honest man. He gives it straight forward, he came out with his plan already in hand, ready for the job. Christie? No plan, just a machine behind him telling him what to say, what to do and how much mud to throw around the ring.

Also, you ever stop and think our sales tax is currently taking in less revenue because the internet is tax free 2. Business have been driven out of New Jersey and America 3. Cost of living has gone up more then wage increase 4. All the scandals are actually affecting the coffer's of this state? and the 2 political parties have dried them up? 5. the way budgeting goes, they spend every dollar and not save anything? which is why need to just keep on borrowing more and more? 6. Have you actually looked at what Daggett's new taxes actually are? or are you just going to follow the herd on what others say and not do your own research like a true Public Relations teacher would teach...?

Please tell me who you are planning to vote for and why.

Dan Cirucci said...

I respect your views and admire your passion and commitment to your cause.
I think it's great that you care, that you are involved and that you defend your views in an articulate fashion.
I thank you for following the blog.
I'm pleased that you're visiting.
My candidate? Well, I'll tell you this: He's also "never taken a bribe, never broken the law." In fact, he has defended the law and thrown law breakers in jail.
And my candidate also has a plan which is fully detailed in 88 points on his web site. It's a plan that he's explained throughout the campaign.
I will do all that I can to advance the cause of my candidate. And I will vote for my choice.
You are free to do the same for your candidate. And I encourage you to continue to advance your candidate's cause.
But I must respectfully remind you: We have a two party system, Justin. Election of a third party candidate is rare or non-existent, especially in New Jersey.
Look at the editorial from one of the newspapers that I posted today. That's their view, not mine.
But you are free to do as you please -- and that's a good thing.
God bless America!