Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corzine Admits: No New Jobs

"We are asking all departments to come up with an event or two or three that show job creation or economic development in the private sector. I know that it might be a stretch..." -Mark Matzen, Deputy Chief of Staff to Jon Corzine, 10/05/09
Jon Corzine's own office knows that the governor's economic policies have failed to create any meaningful jobs in New Jersey. With the state lurching towards a 10% unemployment rate, Jon Corzine's office is scrambling to put together political events in an attempt to orchestrate the appearance of job growth where there is none.
In an email to department commissioners sent earlier this week, Governor Corzine's Deputy Chief of Staff Mark Matzen acknowledged finding job creation was a "stretch," but begged them to "be creative" in making up events to put the Governor in a favorable light. Matzen stated: "Many programs might not [have] created jobs, they do have some connection to job creation either through training, giving money to sustain employment or create demand for workers."

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