Thursday, October 15, 2009

Voters Say 'No Dagett Win'

According to the just-released Qunnipiac Poll three out of every four voters say Chris Daggett can't be elected Governor of New Jersey.
Three our of four say he can't win.
In fact, the figure is even a bit higher than that. Nearly 80% of all voters say Daggett can't win.
Has this sunk in yet?
Daggett CAN'T WIN.
Daggett says people just have to get over the hurdle of thinking that he can't win.
But when eight in ten people feel this way, that's quite a high hurdle to overcome. And many observers feel it's only gonna get worse for Daggett.
Matt Friedman at PolitickerNJ reports: "Quinnipiac pollster Mickey Carroll . . . said that Daggett’s obstacles will likely mount as election day approaches. The common wisdom is that support for independents trails off closer to the election. Not to mention, Carroll said, that “you’d need a guide dog to find him over on the right side of the ballot.”
On top of all this Daggett is hopelessly short on funds.
Again, PolitickerNJ reports that he man who wants to extend your sales tax to a whole bunch of added goods and services (effectively raising the tax) is not paying payroll taxes on his own staff and is not providing his staffers with health insurance either. Daggett says he can't afford it.
If he can't run a top-notch campaign, how's he gonna run the state?
If he can't win, why vote for him?
Isn't the election too important to waste your vote on someone who can't win?

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