Friday, October 23, 2009

Daggett's Scary Tax Schemes

Gas Taxes and Tolls
“We have a circumstance now where the trust fund is broken and it needs to be filled. The only way we are going to be able to do realistically is probably deal with it through additional gas taxes or possibly putting additional tolls on our roads or increasing the tolls...”
(Daggett, Gubernatorial Debate, 10/1/2009, 00:10:28)

Gas Taxes, New Toll Booths, Increasing Tolls
“The funding for this program will be debated vigorously, however, we must honestly and forthrightly assess the true costs of future transportation needs and puts potential user-based funding sources up for consideration, including but not limited to: the motor fuels tax; conversion to a sales tax on fuel; adding tolls to existing non-toll roads; local option; voter approved dedicated sales tax; and public private ventures that preserve public control but attract new sources of funding to meet the challenges of these times.” (Transportation,, Accessed: 10/12/09)

Massive, $3.9 Billion Expansion Of The Sales Tax
“Daggett’s tax reform plan would extend the existing 7 percent sales tax to a wide range of personal, professional and household services, including services provided to individuals by professionals such as lawyers, accountants and architects. The sales tax extension would not include business-to-business services. The expansion would add $3.9 billion in tax revenue.” (Tax Reform,, Accessed: 10/12/09)

$205 Million Shore Tax
“The $3.9 billion sales tax expansion includes a $205 million extension of the 7 percent sales tax to vacation home and condominium rentals to establish a stable source of funding for open space preservation and related uses. Only 19 percent of the tax would be paid by New Jersey residents, and it makes taxation of private rentals comparable to hotels and motels, as most states with shore tourism economies, including North Carolina and Florida, already do.” (Tax Reform,, Accessed: 10/12/09)

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