Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Fear For Jersey

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

People get angry. They shout and scream and say they can't take it any more.
They decry the high taxes, the wasteful spending, the corruption, the sheer arrogance of state "leaders." They swear they will rebel at the ballot box.
That's what they say. That's what they always seem to say in New Jersey.

And then they get snookered. They get conned. They get fooled. They get distracted. They get bought. And they wind up falling into the same old senseless pattern while reinforcing the state's image as the "dumb belt."

And the state's mainstream media are complicit in this dastardly scheme.
Yes, they're complicit.

Right now the media are pushing this line: "We really, really don't like Corzine (believe us, please - we really, really, REALLY don't like him) and we know he's a failure BUT that doesn't mean that we (or you) have to turn to Chris Christie,
No, no -- because there's a third, nondescript, seemingly affable, somewhat naive candidate who most people don't know but who still shows promise. And, if only you did know this third guy better, you'd probably like him and want to vote for him."

This is where the media are moving. This is what they seem to be thinking. And this is where a lot of them seem to want to take the state's many "independent" voters. And this is why I believe that many of the state's newspapers may actually endorse the third guy.

But what's really behind all of this?

Here it is: Pushing Chris Daggett (who has absolutely NO chance of being elected) is the one sure way to guarantee the re-election of Corzine and give us four more years of high taxes, runaway spending, corruption and iron-fisted Democrat boss rule. Because Daggett takes votes away from Christie. He can't win. No third-party candidate has ever won the Governor's seat. But Daggett can be a spoiler.

In fact, since we don't have runoff elections in New Jersey, a vote for Daggett allows Corzine to retain the Governor's office without attaining a majority of the votes. It effectively robs you and I of majority rule.

Think of it this way: Daggett is a dagger to the heart of all those who want to see an end to Corzine's reign.

But the media don't mind. In fact, if Daggett guarantees the election of Corzine that would be just fine with them. Because they could then have it both ways: not endorsing Corzine while keeping Christie out of the Governor's Office. Be sure of this: One thing most traditional media types probably don't want to see is the election of a real outsider, a real independent-minded leader who isn't a died-in-the-wool liberal. And that would be - Christie!

So, now you must ask yourself: Do I really want to change New Jersey?
Or do I want to be conned again, fooled again and bought again by a man who has already spent more than $100 million "purchasing" elective office?
Ask yourself: What's the only real way to get off this merry go round where I'm jerked around while others benefit?

There's only one answer: Chris Christie.


Sean Schafer said...

Ever heard the phrase, "The people are as guilty as those they elect to office."

Dan Cirucci said...

You are so right, Sean.

Anonymous said...

Actually this is factually incorrect. Daggett is taking twice as many votes from democrats as he is from republicans. Here is where you can find the information:

Truth is, Christie is losing votes due to his lack of credibility as a candidate and his inability to formulate a plan of any sort. Unfortunately, voters in NJ are not as stupid as he thinks, and are looking for an alternative... which is why Daggett has a HUGE chance of winning. BEFORE he was declared the winner of the first debates, the Quinnipiac poll reported that Daggett has a 75% conversion rate... meaning that 75% of the people who learn of him have decided to vote for him. Between all the earned media he has received lately, that means his numbers are going through the roof.

The other thing you are not realizing is that Daggett is turning out a huge voter pool that normally does not vote, just so that they can vote for Daggett. That would not be reflected in the polls, but it is happening. People in this state are recognizing that Democrats and Republicans have put us in this huge financial mess (8 BILLION dollar deficit), and they are angry. Whoever is in office - Dems or Repubs, things do not change. People are sick of the same old thing, and are ready for someone who is not tied to the major parties.

I can see from your post that you are AGAINST Corzine, not FOR Christie. Perhaps you should put more thought behind your analysis of the candidates and vote FOR someone this election, instead of against someone. Voting should be about selecting the candidate who is best fit for the job, and between Daggett's extensive government experience (way more than Christie), his credible tax plan that will give enormous relief to the people in this state, and his long career of working across parties lines, it sure seems to me that he is the obvious best choice.

Dan Cirucci said...

My post was actually well thought out and carefully worded.
I'm afraid you simply don't understand.
I've been with Christie since the beginning of the year. I think the world of the guy and I know he will make a great Governor. I feel he's a true leader.
I know the guy. I like the guy. I trust the guy.
Go back and look at what I've written about him.
We have a two party system in America. Third parties don't win. Third party candidates don't get elected.
People in New Jersey have no credible statewide commercial TV station, no statewide newspaper and no statewide all news radio station. New York and Philly outlets don't properly cover Jersey. So, a lot of people haven't a clue -- they're swayed by who runs the most ads or who's the flavor of the month. Right now they're distracted by the Phillies and the Yankees. They don't know.
Daggett is the flavor of the month. That's all. Daggett himself doesn't seem to even know why he's in the raise, though I suspect he'd love to play the spoiler, thus guaranteeing Christie's defeat.
I've been studying (and participating in) Jersey politics for more decades than I care to mention.
Believe me, Daggett doesn't have a chance.
His only hope is to sink Christie and win some kind of favor from Corzine (if he hasn't already been promised something).
A vote for Daggett is a totally wasted vote. Wasted.