Monday, October 26, 2009

NJ: Unique Appeal, Rare Opportunity

Let's get this clear: I think New Jersey is a very special place.
Yes, I do poke fun at Joisey from time to time.
But I've lived here all my life and, generally speaking, I like the state and its people.
Now, over the next week, I'm gonna tell you about some unique South Jersey landmarks that you won't want to miss this fall. We'll visit the Pine Barons and savor some historic, authentic, and delicious attractions that are only found in New Jersey.
Yes, the Garden State has a lot goin for it.
But our state is in trouble. Indeed, right now New Jersey is broken.
We suffer from the highest tax burden in the nation. Runaway state spending and state regulations are driving businesses out of the state. Our unemployment rate exceeds that of every other state in the region and it's still soaring. And corruption is rampant with a record number of public officials either in jail or indicted.
Time is running out for New Jersey.
And this upcoming election may be our last chance to set things right.
So, let's not be too distracted by the World Series and the Iggles and the Giants or Dancing With The Stars or American Idol.
We've got to focus on New Jersey. And we've got to do it now.
We need a Governor who understands our state -- a smart, tough, dedicated Jersey Guy who will fight corruption, cut state spending, lower taxes and put people back to work.
Chris Christie is that guy.
If you care about New Jersey (as I do) I urge you to tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to vote for Chris Christie for Governor next Tuesday.
A vote for Christie is the only real way to break away from the destructive tax-spend-and-borrow policies that got us into this mess in the first place.
Be certain of this: I have one interest and one interest only in this election; I want to see what's best for our state.
And what's best for New Jersey is New Jersey's own Chris Christie.

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