Saturday, October 3, 2009

Revealed: Christie's Tax Plan!

Some people have been saying that Chris Christie has no plan for New Jersey's budget - no plan to get taxes and spending under control. No plan at all.
These people are wrong.
In his own words Chris Christie has outlined a 21 point plan to make ever dollar count for New Jersey. And he's also outlined a plan for cutting taxes.
Chris Christie is offering very specific ideas for trimming the size of our state government, reducing costs and cutting taxes.
He has presented clear, practical, workable ideas - real ideas for turning our state around.
And Christie can shake things up in Trenton and make the needed changes because he's not a Trenton insider and hasn't played the Trenton game. "Tax and spend" is not in his playbook.
Your can find Chris Christie's plan for cutting the size and cost of state government by clicking here.
And you can find Chris Christie's plan for cutting taxes by clicking here.
So, go -- read and learn.
And tell your friends and neighbors to do the same.
And when you hear people say that Chris Christie doesn't have a plan, show them the plan and tell them that they need to get up to date before it's too late -- too late for New Jersey and too late for all of us.


Josh said...

Good to see these specifics out there. He should have made them clearer in the debate. I watched it online and thought Christie could have really taken it to Corzine if he had put more specifics out there. When you're challenging an incumbent, you can't just bitch about how bad the incumbent is (see John Kerry in 2004). You have to offer a better alternative, and you have to lay it out rather specifically.

Dan Cirucci said...

But let's give the guy a break.
He DOES have a plan.
And Jerseyans DO have a right to carp and complain.
This Governor is a disaster and the third guy in the race is a joke.

Josh said...

I don't dispute any of that. All I'm saying is that we've seen plenty of examples where a seemingly very vulnerable incumbent survived because the challenger couldn't sell people on his alternative, and voters, however reluctantly, chose the devil they know over the devil they didn't know. That's especially true for executive offices like governorships.

Don't forget that, as unpopular as Jimmy Carter was in 1980, he still had a great chance at surviving entering the last week. It wasn't until Ronald Reagan laid out his alternative and posed his famous "Are you better off now than four years ago?" question during the final debate that he closed the deal.

Christie may very well win. I hope he does, if for no other reason than Trenton badly needs a shakeup and Christie would be different than any NJ governor in my lifetime. But to do it he needs to get the specifics of his alternative out to voters. Simply saying "Corzine Sucks!" isn't going to do it.

Josh said...

This is a good start on that. Christie needs to keep on, keeping on.