Sunday, October 11, 2009

Daggett Endorsement OK's Corzine

The hopelessly liberal Newark Star Ledger has endorsed third party candidate Chris Daggett for Governor.
Are you surprised?
You shouldn't be.
I predicted right here that the newspaper endorsements would go to Daggett.
And this will probably be the first of many.
Daggett is the mainstream media's new Wonder Boy. And Boy, is he a Wonder. You have to wonder how a guy who's already pledged to raise Joisey taxes even MORE is gonna clean up the runaway taxing and spending in this state.
Here's what the Star Ledger says about Corzine in its endorsement of Daggett:
Corzine is an eminently decent and likable man, and not without achievement. We especially salute his unflagging commitment to state education and his success in changing the Abbott school aid formula to ensure that money intended to help poor children follows them whether or not they live in specific districts.
Commitment to state education? Where the hell has the Star Ledger been? Corzine is in bed with the teacher's union.
But, you get it.
The Star Ledger really, really wants to endorse Corzine again but knows it can't.
They understand Corzine's abysmal record as well as you do.
But there's no way they would endorse Christie so they have to endorse Daggett as the best way to stop Christie and elect Corzine.
The Star Ledger knows that a third party candidate can't win in New Jersey.
It's never happened and it ain't gonna happen now.
Daggett is so badly placed on most county ballots that voters won't even be able to find his name.
Indeed, the newspaper admits: "You’ll have to hunt to find him."
Yeah, and you'll have to hunt to fins out what he stand for, too -- other than raising taxes.
Here's what the Star Ledger says about Christie:
Christie’s principal claim on voter support is based on his record as U.S. Attorney for New Jersey — and it’s not without merit. The Star-Ledger opposed his appointment to that post originally, only to be pleasantly surprised as Christie surrounded himself with capable, qualified people and performed well.
Translation: Yes, we opposed the appointment of the man who has become the most successful U. S. Attorney New Jersey has ever seen. And yes, Chris Christie is a hugely successful crime fighter in the nation's most corrupt state. But hey, that's only because he surrounded himself with "capable, qualified people." So, we're still not (God forbid) willing to admit we were wrong even though we know that Chris Christie really does have a plan for cleaning up the state, cutting spending and lowering taxes.
Here's what the newspaper says about Daggett: "His mastery of detail is impressive."
Mastery of detail?
If that were the mark of a leader Jimmy Carter would have served two terms. If mastery of detail is the criteria than any faceless, polyester-clad bean counter in our massive state bureaucracy could run the state while biding his time waiting for his pension to click in.
The Star Ledger is a joke.
The newspaper wouldn't know a typical New Jersey tax bill from a page ripped out of the phone book nor would it know an average New Jersey taxpayer from an Iowa corn husker.
The mainstream media are out to play yet another cruel joke on New Jersey: Vote for Daggett, Re-elect Corzine.
Don't let them (and Daggett and Corzine) get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Yet again you are blogging complete lies and misrepresentations of the truth.

Fact #1: As I pointed out last week, the latest poll showed that Daggett is taking twice as many votes from Democrats as he is from Republicans, so your attempt to claim that an endorsement for Daggett is really an endorsement for Corzine is just completely and factually incorrect.

Fact #2: Daggett's tax plan is a restructuring of the tax system, NOT a tax raise. The only people that will experience any sort of increase in taxes are people with disposable income, and those SAME people are also going to be experiencing a 25% reduction in property and corporate taxes, so really this is a minor set back. OBVIOUSLY any tax increases are not wonderful to hear, but the fact remains that WE ARE FACING AN 8 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT, thanks to those Democrats AND Republicans you are supporting so much. So unfortunately, there aren't going to be birds and bees floating around New Jersey in the next year. Our tax system as is is not fair -- property taxes are higher than income, sales and corporate COMBINED, and are also the highest in the country. Daggett's tax CUT plan would give relief to EVERY business and EVERY homeowner, and then yes, expand the taxes to include some business to personal items -- things that normally the public --- even upper income -- uses very rarely.

Meanwhile, I can see you are an avid Ledger reader. Did you also read in the same article about Christie's tax plan?

"After pledging for months to cut taxes deeply despite the budget red ink, he disclosed Friday in an interview with The Star-Ledger’s Tom Moran that he has put most of the tax reduction on the shelf until the economy begins to recover."

You can watch Christie say it himself if you prefer, there is a wonderful online video. Basically, what Christie is saying here is that HE HAS THE EXACT SAME PLAN AS JON CORZINE, except his includes a tax relief to the wealthiest individuals in NJ.

So to me, if you should be comparing anyone, it should be Corzine & Christie, who essentially have the EXACT same tax plan.

Fact #3: Last point I'll make is about your ridiculous claim that Daggett does not have a chance. Sorry bud, wake up and smell the coffee -- Daggett right now is pulling a 75% conversation rate. Check out the latest article in the Inquirer:

"Daggett has one of the highest "conversion" rates Pascoe said he has ever seen - according to one poll, 75 percent of the people who know enough about Daggett to have an opinion about him plan to vote for him. Most winning candidates only have conversion rates of 50 to 60 percent, Pascoe said, although the high conversion rate can be attributed partly to the relatively small number of people who know about Daggett."

After Daggett's endorsement today by the Ledger - which btw in paper alone is around 65,756 copies... so that does not include all their online hits - Daggett's polls are going through the roof. I know you are skeptical, but I ask WHAT HAS CHRISTIE DONE FOR YOU THAT MAKES YOU SUPPORT HIM? He has no plan, no clue. Perhaps you should take another look at Daggett and applaud that he is the only one with a plan - and a great one at that.

Regardless, facts are clear -- Daggett has a damn good chance, and his support base is growing every day.

Can't wait for the debates on Thursday when he can finally rip apart Christie's pretend tax plan.

Dan Cirucci said...

Both the Inquirer and the Star Ledger are hopelessly left-leaning rags.
They almost NEVER endorse Republicans - never!
They are not independent newspapers. They entertain maybe one or two (at the most) faux conservative columnists. But the left bias pretty much extends throughout the papers -- and they are losing readers at a rapid rate.
Be sure of this:
1) Dumbocrats will come home to Corzine. Those who say they are for Daggett either aren't actually Dems or won't vote for him in the end.
2) Many "Independents" in NJ lean left as well. They just don't want to admit it. Many more people are simply ill-informed or apathetic.
3) Dagget's "plan" (such as it is) is nothing more than a (not very clever) shell game. He's taking $$$ out of one pocket and putting $ in another.
4) People who are gravitating to Daggett are only doing it because they don't know him very well -- he's new, he's different; hence, the attraction.
5) As I've pointed out on my blog, Christie DOES have a comprehensive plan. Go, read. It's there.
6) FINALLY - NJ voters don't really make up their minds till very late in the campaign and they usually revert to form. That means this will be a VERY close election between the two major candidates -- which allows Daggett to steal the election from Christie.
I do suspect I've been watching NJ politics a LOT longer than you have. I repeat: I know whereof I speak.