Friday, October 16, 2009

More Liberal Media Hypocrisy

So, I'm reading a story in Forbes about the 25 Most Influential Liberal Commentators and, guess what?
Nearly all of these super-liberal, super-influentials are old white men.
Yeah -- 19 of the 25 are white men and most of them are middle aged or older.
We're talkin some really old, cranky liberals here -- people like Bill Moyers and Michael Pollan and Paul Krugman. What's more, those who aren't old already look old.
And get this: There are only four women on the list and only one African-American. And the one black person is Oprah Winfrey. You heard me right - Oprah Winfrey as a national liberal commentator right up there with editors from the Washington Post and The Nation and the New York Times. Were they that desperate to find a black person to put on the list?
And one of the top choices on the list is Arianna Huffington. Hey, I don't know how old she is but I do know that she's a reconstructed (in more ways than one) conservative.
This list is a damned disgrace.
For all the hot air that liberals spew about diversity, the people leading the charge are almost entirely old white men.
Is anybody really surprised?
Diversity is for you.
But when it comes to their own family (or their own neighborhood) liberals could actually care less about diversity. They're elitist attitude screams: "That's for you; not for us."

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