Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sestak, Specter Lean Left

Yesterday, the Senate Democrats in the Finance Committee passed an $829 billion health care bill that does not contain a government-run component.
But Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate, Arlen Specter and Joe Sestak, are so out of touch with the people of Pennsylvania, they are aligning themselves with the extreme left-wing of their party who are pushing for a government takeover of health care.
Watch the video here.
“Congressmen Sestak and Senator Specter are so liberal that they won’t even accept Senate Democrats’ big-government health care bill,” said Toomey Communications Director Nachama Soloveichik. “With Congressman Sestak, that’s to be expected, as he has threatened to reject all health care reforms that do not include a government takeover, and he voted for a House health care bill that would allow states to ban non-government health insurance altogether. With Senator Specter, this is the culmination of a breathtaking switch in positions, even for him. In April he was adamantly opposed to the so-called ‘public option.’ Now, he is demanding it. Any guesses as to where Senator Specter will be on health care next year?”

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Josh said...

Democratic primary candidates in a pretty blue state go to the left to win a closed primary. No surprise there.

And I still don't see someone as conservative as Toomey winning a statewide election in PA in the end. PA isn't as liberal as NJ, but it isn't Utah either, or even Ohio. Once PA voters get to know Toomey and his record better, they'll realize that he's another Santorum type and will balk at him, even if they're not crazy about Specter or Sestak.