Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corzine's NJ Forclosure Crisis

Yesterday's report on the foreclosure crisis from the Courier Post highlights the continued havoc the foreclosure crisis is wreaking on our state. Governor Corzine has failed to keep struggling New Jerseyans in their homes, and has worsened their problems by squeezing homeowners with billions in tax and fee increases. New Jersey can't afford another four years of Governor Corzine.
"Unemployment is at a 33 year high, hundreds of thousands of jobs have been lost, property taxes in New Jersey remain the highest in the nation and the foreclosure crisis persists," said New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber.
"That is the undeniable result of four years of Jon Corzine's failed policies and the reality that struggling families in our state continue to suffer. Rather than provide relief to New Jerseyans who are losing their jobs and their homes, the Governor promises to raise our taxes. After hiking taxes and fees by $9 billion in his first term, Governor Corzine now wants at least $1 billion more to fund his wasteful and reckless spending. Raising taxes seems to be the only thing we can count on Jon Corzine to do. Unfortunately, that won't help New Jerseyans stay in their homes."

Foreclosure Crisis Persists In New Jersey - "Foreclosure notices filed with the Superior Court statewide and regionally increased from January to July compared to the same period in 2008, according to statistics from the state Administrative Office of the Courts." (Carol Comegno, "Foreclosure Bites South Jersey Hard," Courier Post, 10/12/09)

"The highest number of monthly foreclosures ever filed against property owners in New Jersey -- 6,133 -- occurred in June and then fell to 5,813 by July, which was still more than in July 2008." (Carol Comegno, "Foreclosure Bites South Jersey Hard," Courier Post, 10/12/09)

Gov. Corzine's Running Mate, Sen. Loretta Weinberg: "I Agree, Taxes Are Too High." (News 12/101.5 Debate, 10/8/09)

Gov. Corzine's Plan Includes Tax Increases Of Over $1 Billion -- Star-Ledger: Okay, and then you mentioned possible extension of income tax surcharge or some other taxes. Corzine: Well, you know, I think it's a billion, a little over a billion. (Star-Ledger, Editorial Board Interview, 9/8/09)

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