Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Corzine Ducks Questions, Again!

New Jersey Republican State Committee Chairman Jay Webber today responded to Governor Corzine's failure to appear at a joint editorial board hosted by Gannett New Jersey:
"Once again, the ‘hold me accountable' Governor is ducking responsibility, avoiding questions and running away from his record.
"Governor Corzine owes it to the voters to explain why, while we suffer under the highest property taxes in the nation, the highest overall tax burden, an ongoing foreclosure crisis and the worst unemployment in 33 years, his only solutions are to squeeze more tax dollars out of struggling New Jerseyans.
"In skipping today's editorial board with Gannett New Jersey, Governor Corzine confirmed that his record is indefensible - he has failed to provide property tax relief, promised to raise taxes and failed to explain his position on Gannett's 20 point plan to provide property tax relief.
"In his 88 Ways To Fix New Jersey, Chris Christie has already addressed many of the proposals laid out by Gannett. Governor Corzine needs to immediately tell New Jerseyans where he stands on each of these proposals."

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