Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Hate The Dodgers

So, the Phillies will now face the Dodgers for the National League championship -- the pennant.
I don't even know why, but I hate the Dodgers.
Let me repeat this: I hate the Dodgers.
Ain't it a shame?
But as I think of it, I do hvae my reasons.
Well, to begin with they have a dumb name. What the hell is a "dodger"?
The dictionary defines a dodger as "a shifty person, especially one who persistently evades a responsibility, as specified. And it gives examples: a tax dodger or a draft dodger.
That's a dodger.
Ain't it awful?
Why would you want to be a dodger?
And then there's the matter of the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn way back when and heading for LA. Hey, they really were dodgers. They really did evade responsibility. They were shifty. They snuck outa town like thieves. Thieves! It was disgraceful.
Then, there's the whole issue of all those phony movie stars and celebrities sucking up to the Dodgers. Hollywood types. Buncha showoffs!
And on top of all that the Dodgers have always been the nemesis of the Phillies. They've always been the fly in the soup, the needlers -- always waiting, lurking. Ugh!
So, there.
I hate the Dodgers.
And I want the Phillies to wipe them out.
Go, Phillies!


Radu Gherman said...

Oh, no! You've got Philly Pheaver. i'm with you, but remember:
It's. Only. A. Game.

Editor said...

Phils should lose-- especially Rollins.

Dan Cirucci said...

Well, I wouldn't exactly say that I have Pheaver but I DO want to see the Phillies win. And yes -- I know that It's. Only. A. Game. That's why I don't watch. I can't bear the watching -- the tedium, the agony and all tht goes with it.

mj loehrer said...

Dan: I'm sure you're playing with your readers but the word, "Dodgers" refers to the 1880's fans who dodged trolly cars on their way to games. In the old days, the 1950's, they were more appropriately called Da Bums!. Those Dodgers I truly hated: Snider, Reese, Campanella, Hodges. Seems like they were always knocking off my beloved Milwaukee Braves and, except for the Johnny Podres 1955 squad could never defeat the Yankees.

Dan Cirucci said...

I honestly never knew how the Dodgers got their name.
But I still think it's a dumb name.