Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown + Blue = RED!

They said that the Republican Party was destined for permanent minority status.
They said the GOP was too radical, too conservative, not mainstream.
They said that Republicans were out of touch with ordinary Americans.
They said that the Grand Old Party could not win the votes of independents and Democrats.
They said that the Republican Party was a captive of far-right loonies.
They laughed and mocked Republicans and called them anachronisms.
They said the GOP could not win suburban districts, could not attract women, could not win the votes of soccer moms.
They said the Republican Party was a "regional party" -- that it couldn't win votes on the coasts or in the northeast. They said its appeal was confined largely to the south.
They said Republicans were clinging to "guns and religion" and that the party was just a bunch of angry old people.
They said the Republican Party could not attract young, new, bright, independent-minded candidates.
They were wrong.
They didn't know what the hell they were talking about.
They were wrong in Virginia.
They were wrong in New Jersey.
And now they're wrong in -- of all places -- Massachusetts!
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Three strikes and you're out.
This is big.
This is seismic.
This is cataclysmic.
But if they still don't want to see what's happening, that's just fine.
Because what "they" say isn't important anymore.
The people have spoken. America is still a democracy. The people are on the march.
And the Republican Party is alive, vital, invigorated and thriving all over America!

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