Friday, January 15, 2010

Pat Robertson, Buzz Off

I've never much cared for Pat Robertson, or any of the other big-toothed televangelists who raise a hand in godly praise while counting change with the other.
Except for Billy Graham, they all had too much of the Elmer Gantry about them and too little of the lord. Still, I understand there's a market for their brand of religion, and I'd rather have them cavorting on cable than some of reality TV's over-sexed and underfed Barbies.
But Robertson, who's strained the limits of civil discourse by seeking the assassination of dictators (like Hugo Chavez), has put foot-in-mouth yet again by blaming the Haitian earthquake on Satan.
According to Praise the Lord Pat, Haiti has been "cursed" because of its "pact with the devil" throughout history. Well, at least he isn't blaming climate change.
You have to laugh. Robertson has the amazing ability to distill every human tragedy into a sermon on evil, even when it's the innocent who are victimized.
To read the rest of Christine Flowers' wonderful column from today's Philadelphia Daily News click here.

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