Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Didn't We Know Then?

So now we're finding out.
Finally, we're discovering all the "dirt" about Campaign 2008.
And finally, we're beginning to get the full story about the hypocritical poseur known as John Edwards.
We're finding out about Bill Clinton's dismissive disdain for Barack Obama. We're discovering that Obama and Biden never really got along and that Obama (once he got to know Biden) really wanted no parts of Biden. We're learning about Harry Reid's 1950s attitude toward "Negros." And now we know more perhaps more than we ever wanted to know about John Edwards' affair with his mistress and his sexual appetite and recklessness.
But why did we have to wait this long to discover all this?
Why wasn't the Obama/Biden split reported during the campaign?
Why didn't we get all the details about Bill Clinton's real view of Obama?
Why didn't we know that Reid was still judging Negros by the lightness or darkness of their skin?
And why was Edward's shameless philandering hidden from us?
In fact, why hasn't anyone ever questioned Kerry's judgment in picking Edwards as his running mate in 2004 and launching him onto the national stage in the first place?
Surely there were people in the media who knew about these things.
That seems quite clear now.
After all, this wasn't 1950 or 1960 or even 1970. This was 2008!
The answer seems clear: People in the media covered for Clinton and Obama and Biden and Reid and Edwards and many others. The predominantly liberal, mainstream media didn't want us to know about these things. They didn't think we needed to know. It's that simple.
They covered then and they're covering now.
Yes, I know that two big blockbuster books are revealing these "secrets." And I know it's all part of the book hype.
But where was the responsible journalism here?
So-called journalists have become too cozy with the famous and powerful. They've been seduced by power and access to power.
This is why people are turning away from WaPo, NYT, ABC. CBS, NBC, Time, Newsweek and the like. This is what makes these outlets dinosaurs. They bob and weave and loaf and cover. They don;t dig anymore. And when they do, they save what they've found until it's too late.
So, don't ask why people are turning away from mainstream sources and turning to alternative media.
The answer is there for everyone to see.
And if we have to go to Drudge or even the National Enquirer to gain insight into what is really happening, we will.
But the truth will out.

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Bettyhere said...

Doesn't the media understand that people with BO's agenda can hardly wait to control them?