Monday, January 18, 2010

No 'Avatar' For Me

I won't be seeing 'Avatar.'
I don't usually do sensationalistic sci-fi, fantasy or fantastical movies.
You see, I find real people and real life to be much more interesting.
Oh, I know that Avatar won the Golden Globe and it's made a lot of $$$ and it may win the Oscar.
I understand. And I appreciate the fact that a lot of people like this stuff.
But I'm gonna pass on it.
Besides, I'm not a big fan of James Cameron flicks, anyway. I thought Titanic was hugely overrated.
Enjoy Avatar if you wish.
But don't look for any review of the film (at least by me) here on this site.


mj loehrer said...

Personally, I'd wouldn't visit his films because of his support of eco-terrorism. What a maroon!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dan,

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Barbara O’ Brien

Sean Schafer said...

Finally! This is exactly how I feel. I hate movies and shows that are based on fantasy. But apparently I'm out of touch... I guess we're both out of touch. But I'll be sitting this one out as well.

mjhawkeye said...

Sean: Where have you been? MJhawkeye

Sean Schafer said...

Hey MJ... I guess the only answer to that is worrrrrk! When I first started with the Senator it was just simply helping out constituents. Over the past year it's changed drastically. While responsibilities have increased so has the workload. Politics is 24/7 information gathering. I never expected this much. I'm not complaining though, love every minute of it!! How's life?

Unknown said...

I won't be seeing 'Avatar' too!
I think that Avatar and other movies of this kind are not cinema. It's just buisness.
I've made a facebook group against 'Avatar'. The group is written in Italian:
"Quelli che non andranno MAI a vedere AVATAR" that is: NO AVATAR.
Please support our group