Saturday, January 23, 2010

Will Harry Reid Step Down?

There is much talk in Washington that, one way or another, Harry Reid's days as Senate Majority Leader are numbered. Indeed, his days in the United States Senate may be drawing to a close.
Either Reid will take the lead of Chris Dodd and choose not to run for re-election in November or he will be removed by the voters of Nevada and replaced with a Republican. And there is still the possibility that Reid will resign as Senate Majority Leader while trying to retain his seat.
Harry Reid is 70 years old and he's been through a lot. So much so that he actually looks older than his already advanced age.
He's been involved in Nevada politics for 43 years and he's served in Congress for nearly 30 years.
Reid has held some type of public office or been on the public payroll nearly all his life. That's all he knows.
In 2006 Reid suffered a mild stroke but he was soon back at work and there seemed to be no further complications.
Still, one wonders how long Reid can maintain the pace.
The past year has not been kind to Reid.
He ramrodded the health care bill through the Senate with a series of secret meetings, midnight votes and backroom deals. And now, he's lost his Senate super majority and the health care bill appears to be dead.
On top of it all, Reid's comments about Obama being "light skinned" and not "speaking a Negro dialect unless he wants to" have proved to be very embarrassing. Reid seems to be of another era and hopelessly out of touch.
In the Congress many Democrats are beginning to suggest that Harry Reid should pack it in. Members are beginning to wish that the Democrat Party had a new face, a new image in the Senate.
And, back home, Reid's popularity is at all time low. Either of the front runners for the GOP Senate nomination in Nevada would easily defeat Reid if the election were held today.
Harry Reid is now widely viewed as damaged goods.
In Washington, when the sharks begin to smell blood it's hard to recover.

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