Friday, January 29, 2010

Republicans DO Have Solutions

I'm tired of people saying that Republicans have no plan for health care, no plan for jobs, no plan for clean, affordable energy or no plan for the economy.
For months I've been trying to answer my liberal friends with specifics.
The GOP does have a plan.
The Republican Party has proposed clear, smart solutions on energy, jobs, the economy, health care, even housing.
For example, the GOP plan on health care would increase competition and lower costs by allowing Americans to buy health insurance across state lines and it would also prohibit an insurer from canceling a policy unless a person commits fraud or conceals material facts about a health condition. And these are just two specific elements of the Republican plan which contains 10 detailed proposals and is backed up by legislation that is ready to be acted upon by the Congress.
And the GOP No-Cost Jobs Plan would stops wasteful spending and tax hikes, help small businesses, and removes unnecessary barriers to American energy production. The Republican road to more jobs is business-friendly because the GOP understands that jobs created by the private sector are the best way to grow the economy.
There is no secret to the Republican plans.
They've been there all along.
They can be found at
But if you listen to President Obama and the Democrats you might think that the Republican Party has never advanced an alternative, never proposed legislation and never contributed constructively to the debate.
Wrong, wrong, wrong!
In fact, the GOP has been trying to get some traction for its proposals but the fact is that the White House, Pelosi and Reid have shut Republicans out.
President Obama would rather call the Republican Party "the party of no" than acknowledge smart, common-sense Republican proposals. And Reid and Pelosi would rather would convene secret Democrat meetings and schedule midnight votes.
If the President and the Democrat Congress are truly serious about bipartisan cooperation they will contact House minority leader John Boehner and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell and sit down with them and begin the dialogue. And the President and the Democrats can get the dialogue off on the right foot by acknowledging that the GOP has put forth sound proposals that are worth consideration. Would that be so dreadful?
Clearly, the nation is trying to give the President a wake up call.
Unquestionably, the GOP has provided a way forward.
But seriously, will Obama do the right thing? Seriously?

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