Friday, January 8, 2010

Designer Hospital Gowns Debut

Billing itself as "the better hospital gown" a company called Dear Johnnies now sells designer hospital gowns to glam up your next gastrointestinal emergency visit. Some in the blogosphere have linked celebs like J. Lo to the fashionable medical duds. Apparently the main audience for these items is women seeking designer delivery garments. Starting at about $68 for adults the gowns (one of which is pictured) are said to be approved by hospital medical staffs.

From the company website:

Everyone knows when you look better, you feel better. And studies show when you feel better you heal more quickly. So why should patients have to wear a used hospital gown, that's unisex, one size fits all, and has that unflattering, institutional blue pattern on it? dearjohnnies gowns empower patients by giving them something that's soft, beautiful, fits well, is approved for wear by medical staff, and is their own! So whether you're an expecting mom with an upcoming special delivery, a surgical patient or someone experiencing outpatient treatment, we believe that you deserve something better.

I'll go with the look better/feel better argument but I don't know that I could be convinced that one of these gowns would make me look good enough to shell out $68 for it. It is still a hospital gown after all and there's not much you can do about that. Yes, dignity and respect in a medical setting are hugely important, but to me what you actually look like is less so. I know the doctors and nurses don't care. Unfortunately dignity and respect in any environment can't be purchased for $68. Sometimes when you're sick, not being seen is better than trying to look good. But that's just my $.02.

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