Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kean: Christie Open, Accountable

New Jersey Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean said he is pleased by executive orders that Governor Chris Christie signed [Wednesday] to revive the state’s economy, help businesses create jobs, and bring refreshing openness and accountability to government.
“These steps show that New Jersey citizens have chosen well and voted in a man of character and decisiveness,” Senator Kean said.
“On his first day on the job, Governor Christie used his first executive orders to take absolutely critical steps to get New Jersey’s economy moving and create jobs,” Senator Kean said. “He showed we have a governor who will pay more than lip service to openness and accountability in government.”
Senator Kean said it was unfortunate that Governor Corzine chose not to warn taxpayers or lawmakers about revenue projections that indicate the state’s budget deficit this year has swollen to $1.9 billion from an earlier reported $800 million.
“Sadly, only on the first day of his administration was Governor Christie allowed to learn the true size of the huge deficit faced by New Jersey,” Kean said. “The Senate Republicans stand ready to work with him in his efforts to bring New Jersey back to solvency, and to bring about the kind of government our state deserves.”

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