Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Giving Up?

The Associated Press is reported that "Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton is limiting her time in South Carolina even though the presidential primary is just five days away, a recognition of rival Barack Obama's chances of winning the state and a reflection of her own long-term strategy."
According to the AP "Obama is favored to win South Carolina, where turnout among black voters in the Democratic primary is expected to exceed the traditional 50 percent. The former first lady was leaving the bulk of campaigning in the state to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who is widely popular with black voters."
Well, maybe Bill Clinton is popular with black voters - maybe. And maybe some of that popularity (for both of the Clintons) has worn off.
In fact Dick Polman, writing in the Philadelphia Inquirer thinks it has worn off. Polman says: "There once was a time when blacks instinctively rallied to the Clintons. They liked Bill's style; they liked the fact that he curbed black poverty more than any predecessor, and, during the Lewinsky sex scandal, they likened Ken Starr's pursuit of Bill to the FBI's wiretapping and harassment of King.
"But that was so 10 years ago, back when the Clintons were stuck on defense. Now, they're back on offense, playing for the highest stakes, and their target is a black guy who embodies the black American dream."

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