Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Or Old?

Let me get this straight.
Bill and Hillary Clinton (who have spent the last 16 years in Washington) are going to bring about change by turning the clock back to 1992 and resurrecting Clintonism: a patchwork quilt of sixties-style liberalism, stale feminism and classic political doubletalk.
And Barack Obama is promising us change and everything that's new and fresh by trotting out a 75-year-old Senator (who's been in Washington forever) to evoke memories of the early sixties and the vaulted though nonetheless fictitious Age of Camelot.
And 71-year-old Vietnam war hero John McCain (who's been in Washington for 27 years) is going to abandon the ways of Washington to deliver us strong, new leadership by sitting down with the same old band of cranky, egotistical and disagreeable insiders that he's cavorted with ever since he arrived in the nation's capital.
Hey, if this is the choice I'm gonna have to face I just want to understand it and get it straight. I'm capable of making the choice.
I just want to be more than a little bit realistic about it.

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