Sunday, January 27, 2008

Two Outa Three

Right here on December 2, I reported:
"The hottest rumor in Washington these days is that Barack Obama will soon pull off a hat trick, picking up a potent triple-endorsement. The way the story goes, Obama will be anointed by Teddy Kennedy, Al Gore and John Kerry . . . "
Well, tomorrow Obama will pick up the second of this powerful trio when he is endorsed by Senator Ted Kennedy. This via The Crypt blog of Politico and confirmed by CNN and ABC News.
Remember, Barack has already won the endorsement of Kerry. All that remains is for Gore to fall into line.
And as I said on December 2: "There is no love lost between Gore and the Clintons."
True, I envisoned a triple endorsement all at one. But these endorsements have taken time to put together and this three-shot approach may actually have a bigger impact.
Again, as I cautined earlier: "even if the endorsements do occur, would they really make any difference? All three of the presumed endorsers lost bids for the presidency."
Still, timing is eveything and these endorsement are news-generators coming off the big Obama win yeasterday. They help to create momentum for Obama.
But never, ever count the Clintons out. Never.

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