Thursday, January 31, 2008

Winter's Nap

The other night I watched a DVD of the 1949 Kirk Douglas/Loraine Day comedy My Dear Secretary. Never heard of it? Don't feel bad. This is truly an obscure flick.
This was the first comedy Kirk Douglas ever made and it provides us with a good example of why Douglas was not known for his comic flair.
The DVD says: "A budding young writer goes to work for an erratic, immature playboy." This is supposed to be a screwball comedy but Douglas overplays his role as the playboy (who is also a very successful writer) to such an extent that it becomes painful. Hey, I admit I've never been a Kirk Douglas (or Michael Douglas) fan. Keenan Wynn does take a droll, character turn as Douglas' best friend and Irene Ryan (later of the Beverly Hillbillies and the Broadway musical Pippin) does a great job as Douglas' maid. Written and directed by Charles Martin the movie also features Rudy Vallee as Day's rejected though nonetheless earnest boyfriend.
This is one for a cold, cold winter night when you want to be lulled into hibernation.

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