Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Smart, Savvy, Sexy!

Do you like Ann Curry as much as I do?
I could listen to and watch The Today Show news anchor deliver the news no matter how bad the news is. She has a gentle, easy, friendly manner that seems remarkably comforting. But it's also clear that this super-successful newswoman is a highly-focused professional who knows exactly where she's going and how to get there. Yet, she doesn't come with the restless, edgy baggage and relentless cynicism of so many journalists.
And askmen is right to place Curry among its top 99 woman noting: "With a Japanese mother and an American father of French, Scotch-Irish and Amerindian descent, Ann Curry has a cosmopolitan beauty that's hard to pinpoint." Askmen likes Curry's "deep brown eyes and raven black hair, which are nicely balanced by the kind of sunny smile that's almost a prerequisite for any morning TV personality." Yes, she can be sunny and intense at the same time.
Still, Ann Curry is hardly a mere news reader. In the first two weeks following the attacks of September 11, Curry reported live from ground zero every day. When the United States bombed Al Qaeda targets in Afghanistan in November 2001, she reported extensively from the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Arabian Sea, and landed the first exclusive interview with the war's military commander, General Tommy Franks. Curry reported from Baghdad in the weeks leading up to the war in Iraq, and then from the USS Constellation as the war began, interviewing fighter pilots who flew the first wave of bombing runs over Iraq. She also filed reports from inside Iraq, from Qatar, and Kuwait during the first weeks of the war.
Curry has also distinguished herself in global humanitarian reporting. Recently, she traveled three times to Sudan to report on the violence and ethnic cleansing taking place in Darfur and Chad.
Here's a shoutout to Ann: You're living proof that the sexiest beauty is smart 'n savvy, too!

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