Saturday, January 12, 2008

All Hail Chancellor

Philly's lawyers are in Atlantic City this weekend for their annual Bar Leaders' Retreat but earlier this week more than 600 legal luminaries gathered at the Philadelphia Bar Association's Annual Chancellor's Reception to usher in the reign of Chancellor A. Michael Pratt. Chancellor Platt is shown above (on left) with former Chancellor Abe Reich and Chair of the Board Stephanie Resnick.
As always, the reception was held at The Bellevue (aka Park Hyatt at The Bellevue). Food and drink were plentiful and good cheer prevailed throughout the evening.
This event has been held every January for more than 70 years and is a highlight of the social season in Philadelphia. It attracts many of the city's top lawyers, judges and public officials as well as many of those who serve the legal community in one way or the other.
Tradition mandates that all attendees wait in a long line to shake the hand of the new Chancellor and wish him and his new team well. Whatever skirmishes the lawyers may have engaged in during the previous year are forgotten and the new year begins with everyone enjoying food and drink as friends. In the cyber age the event has taken on a new meaning since it gives everyone a chance to meet and chat face-to-face.
For us it is always a welcome opportunity to reconnect with old friends.
BTW: The "A" in A. Michael Pratt stands for Anthony. Go AntNeeee!

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