Monday, January 21, 2008

Winning By Stopping

Blogging at National Review's The Corner Mark Steyn agrees with radio talker Mark Levin in noting:
A McCain victory in SC has to be good news for Giuliani because the narrative becomes "Stop McCain!" and Rudy's best poised to do that - not just because his numbers in Florida haven't yet collapsed to the same undetectable levels as they have everywhere else, but because Huck and Mitt and Fred will be fairly proven failures at the "Stop McCain" game. So, if stopping him's your priority, then Rudy's the one-stop shop after everyone's stopped shopping around. He'll be the last ABM (Anyone-But-McCain) in with a shot. . . If Rudy wins in Florida, those of us who said he can't recover from sitting out the first month will have to acknowledge that he's a towering genius who cannily foresaw that leaving the early states to be squabbled over by weak and divisive candidates would render their victories irrelevant and leave him to stroll on in the Second Act and take the throne as king on a field of corpses.*
(*I assume there's an internal memo somewhere that lays it out like that.)

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