Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Fresh off a significant victory in the Michigan primary Mitt Romney came alive Tuesday night with rousing, give 'em hell victory remarks that energized the crowd.
Romney seemed refreshingly unleashed. In shirtsleeves and with his hair tousled Romney appeared to speak without any script or notes and delivered his remarks in an animated style that had partisans roaring their approval. Early indications are that Romney carried all age groups and won a victory across broad demographic lines. He easily won the Republican and core conservative vote and prevented John McCain from making any inroads via independent voters. Among those who decided who to for vote in the final day, Romney won handily. Among those who identified the economy as the most important issue Romney also won handily.
Mitt Romney charted fresh, broad Reaganeque themes in his remarks. He used quick, simple powerful sentences and evoked optimism and a can-do spirit at every turn.
His victory in Michigan must be considered significant not just because it keeps Romney's candidacy alive (and indeed, energizes it) but also because it keeps the GOP race wide open and has the potential to change the future course of the Republican Party and the nation itself.
Now this is really getting interesting!

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