Tuesday, January 15, 2008

French Connection

Our friend Jenice Armstrong at the Philadelphia Daily News points out in her column today that recently divorced French President Nicolas Sarkozy 52, has reportedly married Carla Bruni, 39, his model-turned-singer girlfriend, in a small, private ceremony.
Bruni has an American link since she has dated Donald Trump, among others. Jenice observes that "Carla's not what some [French] voters had in mind as a first lady."
"In America," she adds "those words conjure up a pearl-wearing, law-school grad in the vein of an Elizabeth Edwards or maybe a traditional, stay-at-home Laura Bush-type - not a pop star with a love resume that could give even Angelina Jolie pause. The Italian heiress' past lovers include Mick Jagger . . . Bruni even dated a French publisher, only to dump him for his married son, with whom she had a child who is now 6. She has been quoted as saying, 'Monogamy bores me terribly.'"
Well, looking at Bruni one is tempted to forgive a multitude of sins. Anyway, Jenice wonders if what's happening in France will temper the reaction of Americans to Rudy Giuliani's third wife, Judith, should Giuliani get the nomination. It's a stretch. But at this point anything that might help Rudy is like fine French wine.

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