Monday, January 7, 2008

"Taking It Back"

Here are some excepts from Mayor Nutter's inaugural address today in Philadelphia:

"There is nothing more devastating to the soul of hope than the killings and shootings that take place day after day after day on our streets."

"We will cut our homicide rate by 30 to 50 percent. No reason in the world we can't do that."

"Today, enough is enough! Enough is enough!"

"To the law-abiding citizens of Philadelphia , I say that we are the majority. ... This is our city and we're taking it back."

"I've had enough and I'm not playing around about it!"

Nutter is smart, determined, purposeful, thorough and dedicated. I interviewed him at the very start of his campaign and found him to be engaging and likable. He will need all of these qualities and more to lead Philadelphia. He will have to be tough. He's got to be able to say "no" and mean it. He has to be tenacious. And he's got to be prepared to stand up to the elites who always think they know better (and always have a self-centered agenda of their own).

Congratulations and good luck, Mr. Mayor. We wish you the best!

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